Shane Wallin is a New Mexico based writer, singer-songwriter & performer. Voted Top Musicians, Best Musician, Best Male Vocalist & Best Singer Songwriter in New Mexico by Albuquerque The Magazine. Shane has toured the Southwestern, United States extensively since 2010. Playing up to 300 annual show dates.

He is a prolific singer-songwriter. Releasing two full length albums. The first of which he wrote, produced, recorded & engineered himself: 2010's "This Year Has Changed Me", received much regional acclaim in the Southwest, earning him "Best Singer-Songwriter" in New Mexico (2011) after its release. In 2015 Shane released his second record "Free" which was produced by the veteran and multiple Grammy Award winning producer & engineer, Stacy Parrish.

With "FREE" the "New Mexico-based singer-songwriter, creates reflective narratives rich in hooks, heart and authenticity", said Dan Kimpel, Americas Foremost Authority on Singers & Songwriters. The 2015 release included the extensive cast of Jack Casady, (Jefferson Airplane founder & Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Bonny Raitt), Arnold McCuller (James Taylor), Roger Love (John Mayer, Maroon Five) and Ryan Martino to name just a few. The album was recorded at Red Star Recording Studios in Silverlake, California; Stable 21 in Sweden; R. Wellerfors Studio-Stockholm, Sweden; Water Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico, & Shane's own studio in Albuquerque.

Wallin is a graduate of The University Of New Mexico, with a degree in Comparative Theology & English Literature. These multilayered influences can be experienced in great depth on Shane's newest album. "Philosophy has had a big impact on the way that I write songs and how they are going to affect people. In Eastern Philosophy they emphasize the law of karma, that whatever you give out comes back to you. This has a huge impact on everything that I do. In my songwriting I always want to be positive so that the positive comes back."

Shane is currently working on a new full length album called "From Sea To Sand'. The eleven song album is due out in Winter of 2019.