Step Into The Unknown

The beauty of life is found in the unknown. In being humble, in being willing to learn, in being willing to see the world with new eyes. Access this by constantly growing and experiencing new words, new thoughts, new ways of being, new vitality. When you think you have it all figured out, life ceases to be fresh rewarding and new.


This is the constant state of love, of joy, of being willing and accepting of others and everything outside of you. Once you have formed an opinion you cease to exist in the world and realm of possibility. This is the realm that is the most fun to live in. This is the world where everything that is made, that is created is beautiful. Don't we all want to see the world this way?


This starts by taking the approach-what can I learn today? How can I be new? How can I grow today? How can I love more, be more, and give more? Follow the things that you enjoy, stick to them, but find new ways to see them different. This goes for long held relationships, circumstances and communities. When we can genuinely open ourselves to these possibilities, our lives and all those around us, their lives change for the better.


We can serve our communities with great compassion if we can not hold so rigidly to the ways that we think and the way we have been for so long. Never go back, never relive what is old and outworn. Be in a constant state of gratitude for what is given you. Always be willing to learn and see the world in a different way & the world is your for the taking and the giving.


In this state we don't hold so many opinions that separate us from others, that build up borders and walls and keep us from being in a state of unity with each other. We learn to listen deeply and realize that every moment, every person, every-thing is a chance to learn and grow & a chance to keep moving forward.

The Art Of Creativity: Breaking Out Of A Rut.

The Art Of Creativity: Breaking Out Of A Rut.


Creativity is found in accessing new energy & allowing ourselves to grow in every moment of our lives. The art of creativity isn't about falling on old familiar responses to life's problems. Instead,  it is found in tapping into our potential to create something vibrant and fresh.


We all fall into these so called "ruts" in our lives. These ruts come about because we are holding onto energy, information & thoughts that are no longer serving us. We find this vibrant exciting energy by daring to step out of our comfort zones and listen to a new piece of music, meet a new group of people, entertain a great idea & see with new eyes.


Change is difficult. We want to hold onto our place in our lives because it is known and comfortable. What was once new, eventually establishes patterns and becomes a habit. We hold to it with all of our might. Thinking that we can grow in the ways that we want, without changing anything about who we currently are, and this just doesn't work. We have to change, we have to be a greater expression of who we are, a different and clean slate in order to create a shift in our lives.


The key to breaking out of any rut, or any area of our life is to be consciously aware of it. We can do this by witnessing our thoughts and actions on a daily basis. Meditation can be one of the key practices in becoming consciously aware of this flow. By monitoring our thoughts we begin to see how each and every one of our choices and actions reflects what we think and feel.


A simple meditation, following our in and out breath and simply witnessing our thoughts can lead to great strides in this area of our lives. Then we slowly become consciously aware of ways that we are holding on and can dare to be new in each passing moment.


So when we find ourselves falling into old familiar ways of acting and reacting we can always have a new response. This is why I believe the practice of meditation can be a great instrument and tool in any persons life. When we are ready to react in outworn ways, we bring ourselves back to our breath, and tell ourselves, "I am going to react in a way that is fresh and new". We begin to break the chains of the former habits. Those thoughts and feelings that keep us locked in a certain position or role in life.


Allow yourself to be vibrant, alive & find great strength in the unknown! It all starts with one new response, one new idea, one new way of being! So set the intention to be aware of this and move forward by making some different and exciting choices!



Sit silently for ten minutes. Close your eyes. You can sit in a chair or in a sitting position on the ground. Witness your breath as it comes in and as it goes out. Try to stay focused on your breath only, in and out. You will have thoughts.  Be aware of any thoughts that you have, simply witness them coming and going with effortless ease. Slowly return to your breath. Everytime that you get drawn away come back to your center & follow your breath. 

In this way we become familiar with our thoughts, we then silently come back to our breath and center & realize the thoughts we are having aren't who we really are. Who we are is at the center of all this. The breath brings us back to this center. We then realize that if we are seperate from these thoughts we can choose to think new ones. In this way old outworn thoughts, behaviors and patterns begin to lose their hold in our lives. We can be new!